Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Outlook is Negative

Standard and Poor rate credit for countries. Today they said that the outlook for government debt in Britain was negative - which means that it's hard to sell money, if you're British.

Which is good, right? You don't want to be going into debt. Except that this just means you have to pay a /premium/ to get into more debt.

As far as I can work out, every time since the war that Labour has got into power, they have done something radical and very expensive. Then the Conservative party has taken over and been conservative - not undoing the radical thing, but not changing much. They've also paid for it, by hook or by crook. Often, this is painful, and sometimes they do things like get into a war over 2000 sheep and some penguins.

But this time around Labour has been expensive and I can't think of a single radical thing they have /done/. What have you done with our money? 2000 sheep want to know!

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